Use Old Extensions On New Firefox Versions

Firefox Users complain that old extensions are not compatible with new Firefox versions (ex: beta versions). I have a road to solve this problem and I want to share with you. (Maybe you are using, I don't know.) *** This solution does not enable to us a perfect compatibility, but extensions are used without problem. Go to the Mozilla Extensions Page. Download the .xpi files of your extensions with "Save As" command. Open the .xpi file with an archive program (ex: 7-zip). Find install.rdf file in this archive and open this file with a notepad program (ex: notepad++). In install.rdf file, find strings which resemble following image. These strings mean that "This extension active for Firefox 2.0 - 3.0b3 versions". To use your extensions on all Firefox versions, change these strings as and save (in other words, delete the restriction of version. ex: b3). Now, your extension will run on Firefox 2.0 - 3.0 versions. Rewrite install.rdf changed file on original install.rdf file in .xpi. Open Firefox and Install with "Open File..." command in File Menu on Firefox. Enjoy New Firefox with Old Extensions :) * You have to make this process again with extension updates.

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