Last.Fm and Free Is Free

Last.FM Radio Service's payment is €3 per month for whole countries, except United Kingdom, United States of America and Germany. This decision of Last.FM is protested with a huge amount of people.

FREE IS FREE group which I opened to protest this decision has 500 members and this amount is increasing speedily. The base idea of protest is changed to different areas about world. The protesters have different reactions:
  1. The payment is not acceptable for radio service, Last.FM alternatives are the best way.
  2. Exception of 3 countries is a discrimination. Someone defends that this is a racism.
  3. The strong hands of capitalism want to exploit other countries. This is a very different area from the others.
  4. The free users have a big role in Last.FM content and they are very sad after this decision.
Striking are diversified because of the variation of reactions:
  1. Strike Scrobbling : Protesters will stop scrobbling which is base of content of Last.FM for a while or for a certain day, for example 30th of March when radio will have payment.
  2. Data Destroying : Protesters will add wrong tags for songs and artists and will destroy available data. The fourth point of above is base idea of this strike.
  3. Strike Scrobbling - Free Is Free : A lot of users added to their playlist this fake track which is a reaction of payment. This track will be entered the Top 10 of Last.FM Lists.
  4. Deleting Acount : The users will erase all statistics and delete their account.
Last.FM will be considerably suffered from protests for every reaction. Discussions are not calming down, they are getting heated up and more complicated.

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  1. 2. Exception of 3 countries is a discrimination. Someone defends that this is a racism. Laughable. Anything is 'racism' these days. I say its racist your suggesting such countries can pay for the 3 euros like you can. See, did not think of that did ya? And the fact that it STARTED in UK automatically gets the residents here to have a free pass, doesn't it? Look at ESPN network in USA, i have to pay for that channel as i am european. Same goes. Germany and united states they have royalities covered by networks, so ask them to make deals with a big network in your country and you will be excused. Also, if you say 'well its alright for you', i would still pay even if i was living in a country like Russia. I would still pay, its fair in my eyes that a struggling internet company wants to make there users pay for a privilage. Yes it could be done a different way, but it is still fair. Racist, thats the funniest thing i have heard all century.

    1. i dont defend racism reaction, but i define that someone think it.

  2. i can't believe it, i think i will stop scrobbling. I'm going out of here...

  3. this is retarded ... they will loose not a half almost all of their users ^^ ... well if they want to ruin this ... they will loose most.

  4. Excepting three countries is simply ridiculous. I won't stop scrobbling tought. I'll tag wrongly every song. like taggin Mariah Carey with "New Metal".

    1. please also tag all songs with "failfm" and your idea(s) of a better tag to describe why failed (your tag will become strongly connected with failfm, if it is popular)

  5. 3 euros for italians, frenchs or canadians are not equal to 3 euros for turks, georgians, indians or mexicans !!! this is like discrimination.


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